2012 Sangiovese

2012 Sangiovese


Known as the "Chianti" grape in Italy, Sangiovese is the main grape grown in that region. Here in the Sierra Foothills, we planted the "Sangiovese" grape variety in our Cedar Creek Ranch Vineyards in 1999. We selected this slow-ripening grape for its food-friendly nature and easy drinking reputation, not to mention its complex flavor profile. Our Sangiovese is classic to the core. Fruit notes range from dark ripe to fresh-picked cherries, raspberries & red currant. Exotic spices and hints of rosewater show in certain seasons. A strong and adaptable grape variety, the Chianti persists in new environments. Rare outside of Italy, the Chianti grape excels in the Mediterranean environment of Central California.

Food Pairings: With a beautifully dark, complex flavor, our 2012 Estate Sangiovese balances out spicy dishes and also complements the taste of bright tomatoes. Thin-crusted pizza, bolognese, and paella are just a few of the Sangiovese food pairings you can enjoy alongside a glass of our wine.

Viticulture and Winemaking:

Variety: Sangiovese, planted 1999 in single vineyard block, is the Italian variety of grapes grown natively in Chianti.

History: The hallmark of Italian wines, Sangiovese is the most widely planted grape in Italy and is a rare treat in the rest of the world. The Sangiovese variety goes back centuries, beloved by many for its variety of flavored strains. Even its original name speaks of its place in Italian wines, the original name being sanguis Jovis - Latin for “Blood of Jupiter”.

Background: Sangiovese is famous for its flavor variety. There are many mutations of the grape, which gives rise to many different versions of Sangiovese wine. These wines can range from light strawberry to quite dark and tannic. Regardless of the variety, every Sangiovese wine exudes cherry flavor. The most popular strains of Chianti wine are usually those that have a fine balance between the sweet fruity and tannic earthy components. Sangiovese wine bursts with flavor that appeals to anyone with the right palette.

Region: Fair Play, El Dorado County, Sierra Foothills

Vintage: 2012

Production: 225 cases

Fermentation: Macerated 7 days on the skins, the Sangiovese grapes are then gently pressed and allowed to complete primary and secondary fermentation in neutral French Oak barrels. Barrel-aged another 16 months and bottle aged 5 years prior to release.

Winemakers Notes: These vines are trained on a bilateral trellis system, giving a healthy yield year after year. 2012 is classic to the core, opening with a bouquet of fresh-picked cherries and red currant, subtle hints of rosewater, elegant spices and finishing with lifted raspberry. Very food-friendly and easy drinking wine!

Awards: Silver Medal San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition, Gold Medal-El Dorado Co Fair, Gold Medal-Amador County Fair.